Release Notes

Release Notes for the JPP 1.7 release

Major Changes

The JPP 1.7 release contains updated versions of packages that existed in the 1.6 release, plus some new packages. However, not all packages from 1.6 were rebuilt in 1.7. If you find that they are still useful or important to you please ask on the mailing list.

Here is the list of packages that are disappearing.

And here is the list of packages that are new for JPP 1.7.

NOTE: Some packages are now in JPP 5.0 as they need Java 5 to build/run. See the FAQ.

OS versions supported

The following are the releases that we hope to support:

  • fedora-4
  • fedora-5
  • fedora-6
  • mandrake-10.1
  • redhat-el-4.0
  • solaris
  • suse-es-9.0

Upgrading from 1.6

One major change to note is that the tomcat package has changed the dedicated user id from tomcat5 to tomcat. If you plan on upgrading please either remove or rename the user prior to install. If you have any problems please tell us using the Mailing list.

Application Servers

JPP 1.7 has JBoss 4.0.3, Geronimo 1.1, and Tomcat 5.5.23.