Building nosrc RPMs

We explain here how to obtain an installable (binary) RPM from the nosrc RPMs that are available from the non-free area.
For instructions on building RPMs in general, please refer to the "Rebuilding packages" item in the "Documentation" page of the Development section.

Packages from non-free section are actually .nosrc.rpm, meaning that they don't contain all sources due to legal issues (restricted redistribution). You'll need to proceed with the steps outlined here.

  1. Install the source package:
    rpm -i foo-x.y.z-wjpp.nosrc.rpm
  2. Get the missing sources from their original location. File names and base URLs can be found in the spec file, installed into rpm/SPECS/foo.spec by the above command.
  3. Put the sources you've downloaded into rpm/SOURCES.
  4. Build the package from spec file:
    rpmbuild -ba rpm/SPECS/foo.spec
    (substituting rpmbuild with rpm if necessary)

Unless something fails in this process, you should obtain the source package in rpm/SRPMS and binary package in relevant subdirectory of rpm/RPMS.