JPackage Project Roadmap

The JPackage project is currently working on two future releases. Here are the highlights for these releases, as well as future evolution planned thereafter.

JPackage 5.0 Beta release (this Fall)

  • All packages built and run with Java 5.
  • Self-contained, no longer on top of JPP 1.7.
  • Maven-like repository format, with old format still available.
  • build-jar-repository and build-classpath adjusted for the new layout.
  • Coding standards and sample specs?
  • Ensure every package complies to project policy.
  • All packages built in mock.
  • Add new contributed macros to jpackage-utils.

JPackage 6.0 Beta release (end of year)

  • All packages built and run with OpenJDK 6 + IcedTea.

Future goals

  • Javadoc cross-linking.
  • Establish a specific group hierarchy.
  • Tighter jvm/compiler integration.
  • Finish policy with server, webapps, and top-level directory issues.
  • Per-major software repos in addition to a slimer base repo, allowing different AppServers with conflicting dependency versions.