Project GPG key

The JPackage Project GPG key can be downloaded here: jpackage.asc

It is recommended to make this key available to RPM; we use it to sign all our packages as well as some other files in the repository (apt-rpm in particular). First, change to the user account you use RPM with (usually root) and optionally download the key.

If your rpm supports the --import option (you might need version 4.1), do this:

rpm --import /path/to/jpackage.asc

Or if you didn't download the key:

rpm --import

For older versions of RPM, you'll need to use GPG for importing the key. Note that if you're using apt-get, you should import with GPG and RPM (if your RPM supports this, of course). apt-get uses the key from GPG for verifying repository files, whereas RPM may handle it internally for verifying package signatures.

gpg --import /path/to/jpackage.asc

Or if you didn't download the key and have Wget, Lynx, curl or lwp-get:

wget -O- | gpg --import
lynx -source | gpg --import
curl | gpg --import
lwp-get | gpg --import

The key is also available from public keyservers. Oh, and here's the key fingerprint.

1F81 C0FB C2B8 22B3 DE12  33A4 5C6C FFF7 C431 416D