CVS Access

Annonymous CVS Access

There is no direct access to the spec file repository at the moment. Read access through annonymous CVS will be provided soon, but it is only really useful for string searches. The CVS repository is not used directly for maintaining packages but as a backend storage for the JPP upload script, so there is no reason to manipulate it directly.

Rather than checking out the whole spec file repository tree, it is suggested that one of the CVS browsers are used. ViewVC can create tar balls of a given directory in CVS.

  • JPP 1.6 CVS repository: ViewVC
  • JPP 1.7 CVS repository: ViewVC
  • JPP 5.0 CVS repository: ViewVC

CVS Access for Maintainers

There are different modules for spec files (used throughout the upload script) for the utility scripts, XML, man pages, documentation etc., and even for the Web Site. Information for accessing these repositories is sent to new comitters in the Welcome message. The website code and the scripts can be browsed by all.