Please use the entries for your preferred mirror from the following by replacing MIRROR with one of the base URIs in the mirrors page.

Also, specify the JPP release you want by replacing VERSION with one of 1.6, 1.7 or 5.0. Note that JPP 1.7 and 5.0 do not have repositories for many of the legacy OS releases.

Note that you will want to add the "generic" distribution components to your configuration along with the distribution specific ones because of package interdependencies.

For more information on apt see APT-RPM.

apt-rpm repositories

/etc/apt/vendors.list entry:

simple-key "JPackage"
    Fingerprint "1F81C0FBC2B822B3DE1233A45C6CFFF7C431416D";
    Name "JPackage Project (JPP Official Keys) <jpackage@zarb.org>";

/etc/apt/sources.list entries (note that in order to use the apt repository, you should either import the JPackage Project GPG key, or remove [JPackage] from the following; see the Project GPG Key page for details):

rpm     [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/generic free
rpm-src [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/generic free non-free

rpm     [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/mandrake-9.1 free
rpm-src [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/mandrake-9.1 free

rpm     [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/mandrake-9.2 free
rpm-src [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/mandrake-9.2 free

rpm     [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/mandrake-10.0 free
rpm-src [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/mandrake-10.0 free

rpm     [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/mandrake-10.1 free
rpm-src [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/mandrake-10.1 free

rpm     [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/redhat-el-4.0 free
rpm-src [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/redhat-el-4.0 free

rpm     [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/redhat-el-5.0 free
rpm-src [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/redhat-el-5.0 free

rpm     [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/fedora-5 free
rpm-src [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/fedora-5 free

rpm     [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/fedora-6 free
rpm-src [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/fedora-6 free

rpm     [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/fedora-7 free
rpm-src [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/fedora-7 free

rpm     [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/redflag-as-4.1 free
rpm-src [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/redflag-as-4.1 free

rpm     [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/suse-es-8.0 free
rpm-src [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/suse-es-8.0 free

rpm     [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/suse-es-9.0 free
rpm-src [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/suse-es-9.0 free

rpm     [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/solaris free
rpm-src [JPackage] MIRROR VERSION/solaris free