JPackage Goals

The JPackage Project has two primary goals:

  • To provide a coherent set of Java software packages for Linux, satisfying all quality requirements of other applications.
  • To establish an efficient and robust policy for Java software packaging and installation.

We focus on free and open source software whenever possible. For convenience, we also provide non-free packages without the restricted source code.

Our RPMs are generic in that they should work on any RPM based Linux distribution (Mandrake, Red Hat, SuSE, others). Other packaging format suggestions are welcome too.

User quotes

About the JPackage Project JBoss RPM, Keith Irwin, HP:

"I installed the RPM, dropped my .war file in the deploy directory, and it works ;)
Thanks for maintaining this package! I'd never seen the JPackage site before. I'm sure glad it exists. Really comes in handy at our little group at HP where we're trying to make it easy for people to use open source versions of J2EE on a standardized, automatically deployed RedHat stack."